CCTV Monitoring and Recording

When it comes to protecting your premises, CCTV monitoring and recording has become an essential security measure to implement. Whether you have a small business, or own a large multi-national franchise, CCTV Monitoring Service is a great addition to your security arsenal. As criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in the techniques they use, it has never been more important to make use of as many different security solutions a possible – that’s why complementing a security presence on your premises with a CCTV system is such a great idea. We are one of the most competent CCTV Monitoring And Recording Companies In Kent.

As a cost-effective alternative or an additional aspect to manned guarding, a remote CCTV monitoring
service can effectively protect your business premises 24 hours a day. Remote monitoring works
by linking a CCTV system with appropriate alarm detectors; once triggered, they send images to
our security centre’s 24-hour remote monitoring centre where trained, experienced and accredited
personnel will take appropriate action. This can include contacting the relevant authorities, or sending a
professional security response team to your business premises.

Included in this service is the ability for our security company to survey and identify the most vulnerable
areas of your premises so that cameras and detection devices can be effectively set up. These
integrated systems will compliment your on-site security team as well. With a CCTV system, your
premises can be monitored in real time; this is a huge benefit for any business to have.

Response UK Security Ltd. provides professional CCTV monitoring and recording services to clients
throughout the United Kingdom and we have a dedicated and professional security team that is
available to provide you with specialist services for your unique needs. We specialise in providing
a combined solution that our clients will truly benefit from; our aim is to add value to your business
through our integrated and specialist security approach. All our security personnel are SIA licensed.