Concierge Security ServicesBeing one of the prominent Security Companies in UK, Response UK Security Ltd we provide a comprehensive Concierge Security Services for clients looking to employ a member of staff to be at their beck and call, day and night. Not only are our concierge staff highly motivated, excellent communicators and hard workers, they’re also SIA licensed – which means that they are trained to be able to deal with potential tricky situations, should one arise.

There are many different businesses in which, services of a Security Receptionist or a concierge are required. An increasing number of hospitals are now employing the services of professional concierge staff who are tasked with everything from ensuring patients get to appointments in the right area of the hospital, to dealing with potentially dangerous security breaches.

Our concierge staff are also trained to work in other environments, too. Businesses such as hotels can
also benefit from having a highly trained concierge – a background in security and an SIA license means
that the concierge staff we supply have a trained eye for possibly dangerous situations flaring up.

If you don’t have a full blown security team keeping a watchful eye over your premises, it’s a good
idea to kill two birds with one stone by hiring a highly trained security member who can double up
as concierge. In a day and age where the threat of terrorist attacks is bigger than ever, and deep cuts
continue to restrict the operations of our emergency services, it really does make sense to get in touch
with us about our concierge service.

We believe that the concierge service we provide here at Response UK Security Ltd is second to none.
Our concierge staff will cater for your every need whilst also keeping one eye on security. Whether your
business is a hotel or a hospital – or even a block of apartments, make sure you get in call us today to
see how we can help.