Privacy Policy

If this privacy statement changes in any way, we shall place an updated version on this page.


Any information you supply via the “How you can help us” and “Contact Us” pages, or using our telephone number or PO Box address, will be transmitted and processed securely and will not be retained for longer than is necessary. This information will be treated in the confidence and we will disclose it to another person or organization only so far as necessary for the purpose of our statutory functions, as set out in the Security Service Act

Data Protection Act 1998

This Act requires that we inform you that if you volunteer any information to us, for example via the “How you can help us” and “Contact Us” pages, such information may include “personal data” (that is, information about you). The Service is a “data controller” for the purposes of this Act.

Please be aware that written correspondence posted in the UK may take up to a week to reach us.

Personal information

The Security Service website does not store or capture personal information about visitors. The system will record your email address and other information if volunteered to us by you, for example via the “How you can help us” and “Contact Us” pages.

You do not have to provide personal information if you do not wish to. We do not collect any personal information using cookies and we will not collect any personal information about you except anonymised data that is required for system administration and statistical analysis (see the following section).

Usage analysis

We do this to assess which parts of the website are the most popular and identify trends in usage, helping to guide the development of new web pages.
E-mail subscriptions

If you sign up to receive e-mail alerts we will use the information you give us to provide the service(s) that you have requested. We may occasionally contact e-mail alert subscribers to help us to evaluate and improve the service that we offer.

The information that you submit will be held for as long as you require access to the service(s) requested. If you inform us that you wish to cancel a subscription we will remove you from our mailing list and your details will be deleted from our records.