Store Detectives

Store DetectivesWe are one of the established Security Companies In London. As a retail business owner there are certain areas that you simply cannot overlook if you want to secure your business’ future; one of these is security. With adequate Retail Security Services available to you in all aspects of your operation, you will not only secure your retail space but you will also provide a value added service to your customers.

There are many reasons to hire Store Detectives – these include the ability to investigate internal theft, stock losses, help prevent the use of stolen credit cards, and arrest shoplifters. Any U.K. business owner can benefit from these security services, they will make your retail space safer and more productive to manage. Store detectives can work alone or in conjunction with an existing security team.

Our store detectives will move around the store discretely and without raising any suspicion. They will
maintain visuals on possible shoplifters and report any and all suspicious findings to management. In
the event that a theft is committed, the detective will follow the suspect until there is an appropriate
opportunity to make an arrest. The store detective could also have the assistance of your security team
if you choose to have one; making the process easier and safer for all.

Here at Response UK Security Ltd we provide a high level security service to our portfolio of customers
in the United Kingdom. Our retail guarding services include theft prevention, customer care and
assistance to shoppers, lost child procedures, and civil arrest and police liaison. If you need any further
information, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a customised quotation.