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Dog Handling

We are providers of the best Professional Dog Handling Service in UK. With security being such an important requirement for all business owners, availing services of dog handling can often be an ideal way to compliment your existing security team. With burglary, robbery and other general crimes constantly on the rise, you will need all the security help that you can get. Employing the use of specialist dog handling teams is one of the best possible deterrents for would-be thieves and burglars.

With our professional dog handling service, you know that your premises is in good hands; our security company can accurately assess whether a dog is needed, or in which cases a dog can do the work of multiple security officers. This allows you to have the best of both worlds and benefit of the additional security that a trained dog can provide your business with. These dogs are professionally trained and have been working with security guards in almost every possible scenario and environment. Our company is known as a major firm among all Dog Handling Companies In London.

One of the biggest benefits of a guard dog is that they are trained to sense a disruption or an intrusion from a distance. While your alarm doesn’t go off until the crime has been committed, a security dog senses an intruder from afar, thus raising the alarm – the dog may then be able to corner or immobilize the intruder until back-up arrives. This is a huge help in terms of security and can provide valuable prevention; a security dog is ideal to use in addition to your regular security team and any CCTV systems that may be installed within your premises.

Here at Response UK Security Ltd we provide professional dog handling services to clients throughout the United Kingdom. We have a dedicated and professional security team that is available to provide you with specialist services for your business’ unique needs. We specialise in providing a combined solution that our clients will truly benefit from; our aim is to add value to your business through our integrated and specialist security approach. All of our security personnel are SIA licensed.


We are providers of the best Professional Dog Handling Service in UK. With security being such an important requirement...

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